UniFi Home Network

In 2020 I decided to switch for the core network backbone of my home to switch to Unifi.


USG Dnsmasq (DHCP and DNS)

USG is actually running EdgeRouter OS. See Documentation for how to use cli commands together with the unifi controller.

mca-ctrl -t dump-cfg > config.gateway.json

Main reason for switching to configuration on file basis was that I wanted to use UGS as DHCP and DNS service provider for my network. Therefore I am using dnsmasq and UGS and configure hostnames and fixed IP addresses via config.gateway.json.

UniFi Network Application on K8s

At my homework a majority of services is runnning on microk8s. There for of course I wanted to have the UniFi Netwwork Application also hosted on K8s. I am utilizing a helm chart from the [kah][k8s@home] project.

A few remarks regarding learnings I made: