Macbook Air (M1 - 2020)


Dual display on Macbook Air

I was aware of the fact that Apple officially not support dual external display on this M1 SoC. But with 12/2021 DisplayLink officially announced a DisplayLink driver for macOS.

I therefore replaced my Thunderbold 3 dock (which was based on DisplayPort MST) with an USB-C dock based on DisplayLink technology.

My working hardware setup:

Summary and Experiences


Although I am a rather heavy multi screen, synchronous app (>10 tabs in Safari, more than 3 VSCode instances, Terminal, Messaging and Email, Kalendar, Bitwardien, … ) user it is for a PC user impressive how memory efficient MacOS on M1 indeed is. 8GB of RAM seems to be sufficient for my use-cases. I still have no glue how MacOS achieves this.


Afer working on the notebook standalone on an HiDPI screen it is always frustrating to switch back to my 110DPI screen. It is even harder to understand and to accept why still the pixel density on larger desktop monitors is that low.


MacOS feels by magnitudes more responsive on the Macbook Air than Windows can ever be in best cases. I guess it is hard to imagine to work as an developer close as efficient on Windows than on this Macbook Air now.

Keyboard layout

I am afraid I will have continously a hard time to train my brain on keyboard shortcuts as long as I have to switch between Windows and MacOS on a regular basis. TO DO: I need to find a smart solution for this …